• What is Destination Thrift?

    We’re central Illinois thrifters setting out to look for the best deals in the nation. We’re fashion-minded but also smart with cash. Finding bargains with no boundaries is our motto, our declaration for shopping.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes from Thrift Stores

You probably thought you weren’t going anywhere this Halloween – after all, it’s on a Wednesday this year.  But maybe somebody invited you to a last-minute bash and now you have nothing to wear. You’re in luck:  thrift stores are perfectfor finding last-minute Halloween costumes.  These DIY costumes are going to be way cooler than … Continue reading

Vote for Katie in Simon Mall’s Style Setter competition!

Happy Friday, thrifters! We have exciting news! One of Destination Thrift’s contributors, Katie Parr, is in the running as a Style Setter for The Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  If you have a spare moment, please vote for her by following the link below: http://www.facebook.com/TheEmpireMall/app_513962835311581 Vote as many times as you can. Thanks … Continue reading

$25 Outfit Inspiration

What can you buy for $25? In this day in age, that’ll get you two movie tickets or a DVD or perhaps (if you’re lucky) a cute bag.  But I’m here to prove that you can look fabulous for $25 or LESS. Take the photo above, for example. I bought the tribal inspired dress at … Continue reading

Ten must-have items you can find at any thrift store

Forget shopping at your favorite department store this weekend; that thrift shop down the street has everything you need to be fabulous this season.  Consider adding these ten items to your must-have list for spring 2013.  1. Denim button-up shirt Long sleeve, button-up shirts are versatile pieces that should be a part of any wardrobe. … Continue reading

NY Fashion Week: Day 2

As New York began to roll out the carpet for the beginning of Fashion Week, Mother Nature also decided to show off her best winter look in the form of Winter Storm Nemo.  The snow storm may have left travelers in a crunch, but it didn’t halt the festivities on the catwalk. One of the … Continue reading

NY Fashion Week: Day 1

Face it: not all of us are lucky enough to hop a plane and score a front row seat at the New York Fashion shows during Fashion Week.  (And honestly, not all of us are lucky enough to have the cash to drop on a really nice pair of boots, either.) Never fear, Destination Thrift … Continue reading

How to Thrift an Emergency Car Kit

If you own a car, it’s a wise idea to carry along an emergency kit all year long – you never know where or when you might break down or need a few supplies.  But winter requires some special additions to your everyday emergency kit. It’s true that you can buy prepackaged car emergency kits … Continue reading


12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Emerging Mixologist

A mixologist is a person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks.  This is a great way to indulge that friend who secretly wishes they were a bartender:  give them all the tools they need to mix it up in their own home. Gift Maybe your mixologist friend needs help stocking their bar … Continue reading


12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Budding Artist

Budding artists come at all ages – whether it’s your talented kid experimenting beyond the coloring book, professional who needs a creative outlet, or an aging senior who recently discovered their love of painting.  The really great thing about art is its many forms – many artists take junk from thrift stores and use it … Continue reading


12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Fitness / Sports Fanatic

Maybe you’ve got a friend who is super into sports, or can’t get enough of the gym.  Here are some ideas for a thoughtful, thrifty gift for that sports-loving fanatic. WARNING:  only give this gift to a known fanatic – otherwise they might interpret it as “I think you’re fat.” (For those friends who every … Continue reading


12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Collectible collector

The fan who can’t get enough of a certain cultural phenomenon – we all know ’em.  So why not thrift for them?  Chances are they will love the first-edition stuff you can dig up in a thrift store. Gift There are many types of collectors, and some are more picky than others.  (Wikipedia has a … Continue reading