Bargains with No Boundaries

You’ve probably heard that song about how video killed the radio star.  Well, similarily, a lot of people might think the Great Rescession killed the Fashionista.

That, my friends, is completely false.  The Great Recession made the Fashionista more budget-minded, not less fashionable.

Though the economy may be somewhat stronger today, the idea of thrifty fashion remains.  It’s become a way of life for many Americans, fad-following or not.  Of course, getting clothing second-hand might seem like a fashion faux pas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s what everyone is doing these days…the fashionistas on, the trend-setters walking down the city sidewalk.  Thrifting is everywhere and it’s a way of life.

And, as we well know, it’s an addiction.

We’re Natalie and Katie, Midwestern thrifters who are setting out to look for the best deals in the nation.  We’re fashion-minded but also smart with cash.  Finding bargains with no boundaries is our motto, our declaration for shopping.

So, come along with us on our thrifty fashion journeys far and wide as we search for the perfectly priced fashion pieces for our wardrobe.  We hope to have quite the stories along the way.

xoxo Katie & Natalie

2 Responses to “Bargains with No Boundaries”
  1. E. says:

    Hi ladies – just stumbled across your blog, and I’m already a big fan (and follower)!

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