20% of people shop in thrift stores!

According to this USA Today article, about 20% of people shop in thrift stores. Do you count yourself as one of the 20%?

Percent Sign

More people shop in thrift stores now than four years ago – Photo by Ralph Unden

6 Responses to “20% of people shop in thrift stores!”
  1. BeingZhenya says:

    Oh definitely 🙂 I am one of the 20%

  2. Christy says:

    Very rarely do I buy clothes from an actual retail store. I buy most of my clothes at any Goodwill I can find! My co-worker & I love to see what outfits we can put together. We work at a boutique & sell gifts, purses, jewelry, etc., but no clothes. We pride ourselves with thrift shopping & when gals come into our store they are always complimenting us on our outfits & we proudly say “We are wearing all Goodwill clothing today!”.

    • natfee says:

      Christy, that’s awesome! Love to hear that you are not only putting together outfits, but spreading the word to your customers! I rarely buy clothes from retail stores anymore either – almost all of my outfits are from Goodwill or Salvation Army. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I’m definitely part of that 20% and I bet the percentage goes up as the recession continues.

    Support a growing fashion business: http://peerbackers.com/projects/qf-clothings-growth-helps-mom-stay-home-with-baby/

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