The Designer Controversy (Part 1)

The controversy It’s probably the largest, on-going scandal in fashion and the best part is, you’ve either participated or witnessed it unfold before your eyes.  That’s right, I’m talking about the designer vs. knockoff fiasco, particularly when it comes to handbags. Whether to buy a designer knockoff or not has been debated since the issue … Continue reading

Thrifting Tips for Teachers

Teachers spent $1.3 billion on school supplies in the 2009-2010 school year, according to David Nagel in this well-cited article.  Breaking it down, that’s an average of $356 of teacher’s own money spent on supplies like paper, arts & crafts, pencils, glue, etc. & instructional materials like teaching aids.  That’s a lot of money!  Add … Continue reading

Photographers: How to Shop a Thrift Store

Thrifting Tips for Photographers

Meet Jennifer Parr, a freelance photographer who successfully made the switch from hobbyist to professional.  She’s always scouting out great deals for new equipment, but she also extends that bargain-hunting to thrift stores!  Thrift stores are a veritable treasure trove for budding & professional photographers.  Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned pro, or … Continue reading

Tips for Late Season Garage Sales

Garage sale season generally starts in May and continues throughout the summer.  I’ve noticed sales getting earlier and earlier – maybe due to the hot weather.  Sales peak in May and June, then peter off as people go away for vacation in July.  However, there are a couple of great times to look for neighborhood … Continue reading

Vintage Mystery #1: Sherbet navy pinstripe dress

I think one of the reasons vintage clothes are such a passion for many thrifters is because of the story. Whenever you find a piece, you can’t help but wonder about the original owner. There’s a connection between the past and the present when you discover a love for vintage, and that frequently manifests in … Continue reading

Know What to Pay, and When to Walk Away

Learning to recognize true value and when someone is overcharging is a key shopping skill for both regular and thrift shopping alike.  Thrifting is a great way to hone this skill because of the diversity of merchandise and the shorter window of time to decide – part of why I have a firm belief that … Continue reading

Destination: Peoria, Illinois “Thrift Junket”

Today’s post will be a quickie.  My sister was in town on vacation when we — my mom, my sister, and — set out on the “thrift junket” of Peoria.  As you can see from the map on our Destinations page, there’s quite a little cluster of stores in the area.  Whenever you’re out thrifting for … Continue reading