Destination: Peoria, Illinois “Thrift Junket”

Today’s post will be a quickie.  My sister was in town on vacation when we — my mom, my sister, and — set out on the “thrift junket” of Peoria.  As you can see from the map on our Destinations page, there’s quite a little cluster of stores in the area.  Whenever you’re out thrifting for the day, it’s wise to plan a route of several stores to get the most from your outing.  Just as celebrities make their rounds on the “press junket,” I make rounds on the “thrift junket!”

On this particular trip, this avid thrifting family only had time to hit up three thrift stores, but as you can see I found quite a bit of loot.  We were literally packing the stuff into our car!  My mom has a compact SUV, but it didn’t have enough room in the rear to fit all of our finds.  Folding down one seat in the back helped.  However, as the backseat passenger, I was worried that our goodies would spill over on top of me!

At the end of the day, we had to call it quits when we couldn’t fit anything else into our car.  We were worn out, and had spent quite a bit of money, but it was so worth it.  Love a good quality thrifting trip with the fam!  Check out what I bought:

Detailed stories about these finds will be upcoming in future posts.  I know I need to get rocking with the styling posts – I have a lot of outfit ideas but haven’t had time to shoot the photos.  Hopefully Katie & I will be able to start posting more regularly and updating our Featured Look as well as Styling & Beauty ideas.

What do you think of the “thrift haul” format?  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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