Tips for Late Season Garage Sales

Garage sale season generally starts in May and continues throughout the summer.  I’ve noticed sales getting earlier and earlier – maybe due to the hot weather.  Sales peak in May and June, then peter off as people go away for vacation in July.  However, there are a couple of great times to look for neighborhood sales near you.  If you’re a neighborhood sale newbie, check out my tips for garage sailing for the basics.  Then add these two tips to your arsenal for hunting down the good late-season sales.

The town where I attended college has an annual Art & Balloon FestivalPhoto by Beverly & Pack

Local Events

Keep your eyes and ears open around local festival times – tons of garage sales mushroom up near these types of events.  If your town has an annual arts & crafts fair, or [Name Your Food] Festival, or fair – anything that draws a crowd will likely yield a tidy crop of sales.  The bigger draw for crowds, the more sales you will likely find.  The reason is because locals know that the event will draw a crowd, perhaps even a lot of out-of-town travelers.  These smart sellers know that means customers, which means a few hours for a few quick bucks.

If you’ve maxed out the sales near you, don’t forget to check on events in other towns in your metropolitan area.  Check town or city websites for calendars of events, or ask around to get the scoop from friends or even strangers on the Internet who live in the area.  Local newspapers will tell about area events, but you might find out about it last minute since they usually report the weekend of the event and not in advance.  Decide how far you are willing to drive to take a chance on sales and look within that radius for potential gold mines.

School Rummage Sales

Back-to-school doesn’t necessarily mean the end of garage sale season.  Squeeze in a couple more sales and support your local schools at the same time.  Many schools use rummage sales to raise money to support groups like band, or to fundraise for school trips.  Many groups organize these sales before classes are in full swing.  These events are typically pretty well publicized (I think most planners have been through this rodeo a few times) so check for neighborhood signs as well as classifieds in your local newspaper.

I know you’re probably a garage sale expert thanks to my tips for sellers article (haha), but if you’re planning a rummage sale for an organization at your school, this article has some good tips for planning:  Effective Ways to Coordinate a School Rummage Sale

Now get shopping!

These are just two great sources of late-season garage sales.  Where do you find great garage sales in August / September?

What do you think?

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