Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Day One: Oxblood Red

Throughout the rest of September, I’ll be profiling twelve trends for Fall 2012.  This post kicks off Day One of the 12 Days of Fall Fashion.  Check back every other day for the latest installment!

On the Runway

Oxblood red is the must-have color this fall.  The deep wine-colored hue graced several runways, on big bold statement pieces like Marc Jacob’s crazy giant feather hat or Alexander Wang’s oxblood embossed-leather coat.  Organic by John Patrick did a memorable oxblood head-to-toe look complete with scarf, gloves, sweater, and leather pants.

Alexander Wang coat – Photo from Marie Claire

Source: nymag.com via Natalie on Pinterest

– See more runway inspiration on the Destination Thrift Runway Inspiration Pinboard!

Ideas for Styling

A dark burgundy coat will look great against autumnal falling leaves, but later winter snow will set off the deep hue nicely.  If you’re not ready to commit to the investment piece, try a smaller update like a blouse or a statement necklace.  Pair oxblood red with black, especially leather for a classic look, or pair with a lighter shade of red for a strong look.

– See more styling inspiration on the Destination Thrift We ❤ Style Bloggers Pinboard.

Tips for Thrifting

Look for shades of oxblood, burgundy, or red.  If you dare to take this trend monochrome, try to mix and match pieces in-store to get the right shades if you want to mix shades of red and burgundy in one outfit.  Also try to compare pieces near a sunlit window to get the best impression of color matches; natural light definitely beats fluorescent lights any day.  If you’re not ready to commit to the head-to-toe oxblood look, scan the racks for one garment in your desired shade and don’t forget to check the shoes, bags, and jewelry cases as well.

How I Interpreted the Trend

I thrifted this Gap burgundy coat for $1.50 in March 2011.  Although the color is a bit lighter than those seen on the runways, the deep red color fits right in with the trend.  I was able to wear it a few times in the winter of 2011, and now I feel like an ahead-of-the-times trendsetter with my deep red coat!

What do you think of the “oxblood” trend?

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4 Responses to “Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Day One: Oxblood Red”
  1. I love this color! I can’t quite take the jump into the boldness of red, unless for accessories or small articles of clothing, but this is a color I will gladly wear. I can’t wait to get out and search for some great finds in this trending color!

    • natfee says:

      Thanks for commenting, Rejoice for the Day! I agree, red can be pretty bold. Luckily there are plenty of cute bags, shoes, and accessories to work the trend in! Let me know if you find any cute things in this color – I’d love to see pics of your finds 🙂

  2. Nneka says:

    I have to stop myself from buying everything in Oxblood. I have two pair of boots and two bags already. I’m in LOVE. I just wonder if it will be a waste since the color is so trendy. I’ll probably grab one last pair of oxblood coated denim jeans to make my collection complete.

    • natfee says:

      Hi Nneka, this comment is awesome! I had similiar worries, like “is this just a trendy thing that will look dumb in a couple of years?” But it is a great shade of red (burgandy is a classic) and I think it’s worth the investment. I’d love to see your oxblood-colored finds if you want to link to any pics 🙂

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