Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Five: Shiny and Sparkly

Trend Five:  Shiny and Sparkly

On the Runway

Gold, glitter, and sparkle are big for fall.  High-sheen leather was also a big showstopper this season (see my post on this in Trend #2 of the Fall 2012 series.)  Flowing golden gowns by Elie Saab and Marchesa showed the Midas touch.  The glittery textures of Marc Jacobs’ pink coat and Tibi’s blue ensemble proved that gold doesn’t have to reign supreme in the shine category this season.

Source: elle.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Source: elle.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Source: style.com via Natalie on Pinterest

– See more runway inspiration on the Destination Thrift Runway Inspiration Pinboard!

Ideas for Styling

Pick one piece to be the stand-out and let the rest of your outfit play the supporting role.  If bling isn’t your thing, try a smaller dose with a kicky pair of glittery or classic gold heels.  Add some gold touches with jewelry.  Gold plays well with other traditional fall colors like brown, red, orange, and goldenrod yellow.  When the weather gets colder, the sparkle will cheer you up on cloudy winter days.

– See more styling inspiration on the Destination Thrift We ❤ Style Bloggers Pinboard!

Tips for Thrifting

For anything glittered, gilded, or sequined, check carefully for bare spots where glitter or gild might have flaked away or sequins might have come loose.  Also check that the color hasn’t “turned” or discolored in a funny way.  Don’t forget to check that care tag for any sneaky “dry-clean only” pieces.  Shoes in silver and gold frequently turn up at thrift stores – they can often look a little “prom” but styled correctly they might work.  Look for colorful stylish raincoats with a patent-y shine – it’s an easy update that will inject your fall wardrobe with a pop of color and a bit of shine, as well as keep your cute outfit dry on a wet fall day.

– See more styling inspiration on the Destination Thrift We ❤ Style Bloggers Pinboard!

How I Interpreted the Trend

I’m more into silver than gold, but I do love a good shine.  This mod-inspired, high-shine Express mini-skirt definitely adds sparkle to any outfit – I’d pair it with thick black tights for a chilly fall night out on the town.  To tone it down, I can wear an oversize black sweater or duster cardi that falls down farther on my hips.  To amp it up, I’d pair it with a silk top in a cool tone.

Sparkly Silver Express Mini Skirt

Express mini skirt

This vintage gold-toned watch is from a vintage store called Moxie in Dekalb, IL.  I love the detailed design on the outer shell as well as the beautiful watch face.

Sparkly Gold Pocket Watch Chain with Map of Dekalb, Illinois

Vintage gold-toned pocket watch necklace

For casual days, maybe I’ll sport my sparkly Converse shoes (a $5 garage sale find!):

Sparkly Silver Converse Shoes

Sparkly Converse tennis shoes!

The piece de resistance of my sparkly wardrobe this year are my sparkly Jimmy Choos that I picked up for $50 at a local consignment shop – gold and crystals make this pair a double dose of bling!  (Okay, not really super autumnal with the sandal style, but I couldn’t resist posting them anyway!)

Jimmy Choo Gold Sandals with Sparkly Crystal Straps

Jimmy Choo sandals

What bling will you be sporting this fall?  Do you prefer gold or silver, or metallics in other colors?

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6 Responses to “Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Five: Shiny and Sparkly”
  1. Rejoice For The Day says:

    Your Express skirt is great for this trend! I prefer silver anyday to gold. I have sorted through my closet some based on your ideas for fall styling, and sparkly is something I am lacking (so is leather, and the color oxblood) I am on the lookout for color and sparkle in my next thrift store outing 🙂

    • natfee says:

      Thanks! I prefer silver too – as you can see from the lack of outfits in this post, sparkly is something my closet is lacking as well! Good luck thrifting your bling 🙂

  2. mammuworld says:


    I nominated your blog for the Liebster blog award and I hope you will accept it 🙂


  3. Love the second dress down, it looks like molten gold that just happens to be her dress *sigh*.

    I keep changing my mind about which I prefer, some days it’s gold, others silver. Hmmmm…. tricky!

    • natfee says:

      Yes, I love that Marchesa dress too! The curvy silhouette and the perfect “molten-ness”… love it! And even though you may have a hard time choosing which metal you prefer, it does make it more fun mixing it up day to day 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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