Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Six: Military Inspired


On the Runway

A perennial fashion staple, military inspired silhouettes and colors were at the forefront again this runway season.  Rag & Bone showed off military-style jackets.  Max Mara and Victoria Beckham channeled olive green and brass hardware in their military silhouettes.

Victoria Beckham

Source: polyvore.com via Zenobia on Pinterest

 – See more runway inspiration on the Destination Thrift Runway Inspiration Pinboard!

Ideas for Styling

Military-inspired styles flatter every figure if they boast cuts that hug curves instead of boxing them in.  They lend classic and stylish polish to any look.  Think double-breasted, and traditional colors like khaki, olive green, navy, and black.

– (Okay, Kate is not a style blogger, but see more styling inspiration on the Destination Thrift We ❤ Style Bloggers Pinboard!)

Tips for Thrifting

Try it on and check for fit, fit, fit.  Tailored pieces keep the military trend fashionable instead of simply borrowed from the armed forces.  Look for both silhouettes and colors that speak to this trend when thrifting.

How I Interpreted the Trend

I absolutely love trench coats.  My first trench coat – a black slicker with double-breasted silver buttons – was a present from my mom on my 22nd birthday.  At a garage sale last spring (April 2011), I scored a new-with-tags Gap khaki trench coat for $10.  My latest trench coat is a black wool number with a royal blue lining by Marc New York – which actually channels another trend, pairing blue and black.  (It needs to go to the dry-cleaners, but I’ll post pictures on our Facebook page once it gets clean.)

Olive is my favorite way to dip into the military trend this fall.  Here is my Ann Taylor Loft olive-colored dress with the Gap khaki trench coat:

Olive green dress, khaki trench coat

I love that this layered look can be styled differently according to the weather.  Here is the same dress without the coat:

Olive green dress and khaki bag

And now with a jacket that is lighter than the trench, as well as a toasty embroidered scarf to add a little punch (this might be my new favorite outfit!):

Fall 2012 Look: Olive Green Dress, Khaki Jacket, and Patterned Scarf

Fall 2012 Look: Olive Green Dress, Khaki Jacket, and Patterned Scarf

Do you plan to incorporate any military-inspired touches like colors or silhouettes into your wardrobe this fall?

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4 Responses to “Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Six: Military Inspired”
  1. Love the olive green jacket towards the top and your lovely olive colored dress. The military themed palette is one of my favorites. I am a sucker for double breasted coats and jackets, in drab colors of course 😉

  2. danizilla says:

    I love everything military-styled and double-breasted! Can’t wait to break out some awesome jackets when the weather cools down.

    • natfee says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Danizilla! I’m so excited now that fall is officially here today and it’s finally starting to cool down. Bring on the double-breasted jackets! 🙂

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