Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Nine: Prints


On the Runway

Bold prints are still very much in vogue and keeps with the rest of the trends in bringing an “opulent” feel to the runways.  Mixing prints, head-to-toe patterns, and reptile prints were all spotted on the runway.  Prada featured a memorable patterned orange suit.  I love this whimsical orange cat print on Peter Som’s look.

Peter Som

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Ideas for Styling

Bold, bright patterns are chic head-to-toe, but it’s still quite trendy to mix prints.  Head-to-toe prints are for the truly brave; for the less adventurous, incorporate those patterned pieces in separate outfits.

If you want to try mixing prints, you can start safe by sticking to the same family color or go bolder with more adventurous prints and brighter colors.  I’ll do a follow-up post on how to mix prints with a little more specific detail, but my advice is to have fun with your look and experiment.

Source: 9to5chic.com via Natalie on Pinterest

– See more styling inspiration on the Destination Thrift We ❤ Style Bloggers Pinboard!

Tips for Thrifting

Truthfully, I tend to shy away from prints at thrift stores because they can look very dated.  But I’m going to branch out this season and try something new to wake up my wardrobe.  There’s no reason you can’t buy a funky print at the thrift, but make sure you really like the pattern.  Experiment in-store with pattern mixing so you won’t have to worry if a certain pattern will match what you have in your closet at home.

How I Interpreted the Trend

I like to play it safe with my pattern mixing by keeping everything monochrome:  black and white mixes always look super chic.  I bought a patterned black-and-white cardi from Old Navy that I thrifted for $2.50 in February – and I found a matching scarf four months later in June for $1.39!  How crazy is that?  Unfortunately, I didn’t find it in time to post a picture here (perhaps the laundry monster ate it?), but I will make sure to post pics on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, I can’t leave you with no thrift eye-candy.  Here are some of my favorite printed purchases of late.  I love the colors in this blue-and-gray paisley scarf.  It hasn’t been too cold here yet, but I’ve still been rocking the scarves!

Paisley scarf

I know you will think this is crazy, but my wildcard pick is this silk salwar kameez thrifted in Goodwill for just $5.  The three pieces could be worn together, but I’m thinking I could repurpose them separately.  The top could almost pass for a dress, and the scarf could go with jeans and a tee.  I couldn’t resist the vibrant pattern, bold colors, and sequins for a bit of sparkle.  It mixes a polka dot print with big florals and the wild fiery stripes – gotta love garments that do the print-mixing for you!

Salwar kameez top


Salwar kameez bottom print

Salwar kameez sheer scarf detail

What is your favorite print?  Do you think you’ll take a fashion risk by wearing a bold print head-to-toe or mixing prints together?

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3 Responses to “Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Nine: Prints”
  1. I very recently mixed prints, polka dots and a geometric designed skirt. I felt a little unsure at first, but I really liked the look so I went with it and it is now something I have less fear with. I tend to take small fashion risks, so I don’t think a head to toe bold print will be showing up on my anytime soon. However, I did get outbid on this awesome geometric printed dress yesterday, and I am on the hunt for another one, so maybe prints will be showing up sooner than I thought. 🙂

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