Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Eleven: Hats!


On the Runway

Over-the-top hats were everywhere this runway season.  This trend may have been sparked by the royal wedding last year, but it has really reached its sweet spot this fall.  I don’t think I could pull off one of these gigantic Marc Jacobs hats (although they are fun to look at!) but I love the simple and sweet Ralph Lauren cloche pictured below.  For more delicious hat pics, check out Women’s Hats for Fall by Shitika Anand at FashionISing.com.

Source: nymag.com via Natalie on Pinterest

– See more runway inspiration on the Destination Thrift Runway Inspiration Pinboard!

Ideas for Styling

Pick whatever type of hat flatters your face shape.  You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.  Vintage hats a great way to go:  impeccable craftsmanship and often reasonably priced.  Wear a vintage hat with a fun frock for a quirky vibe, or class up your whole outfit with a classic look like a beret.

Source: herblog.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Kate Middleton rocks those hats!  – See more styling inspiration on the Destination Thrift We ❤ Style Bloggers Pinboard!

Tips for Thrifting

Hats can come in a variety of sizes, so pop it on your head to double check that it’s not too small or too big.  Scan the inside for hair oil or sweat stains.  If you’re a germophobe like me, you might want to consider how you’ll clean the hat.

How I Interpreted the Trend

I’m on the lookout for vintage toppers.  I’ve never been much of a hat person (I think they make my face look funny) but certain styles can flatter as well as keep my head warm.  I thrifted this velvet Clover Lane beret and white pillbox hat at the same shop in Barry, IL for just $3 apiece.


Velvet beret


Vintage pillbox hat

This wool beret, purchased last year in Canton, is a great go-to hat that keeps my head toasty and looks eternally chic.  I featured it in the French-inspired look for Trend Eight – Colorblocking.

Colorblocked Red-White-Blue Dress with navy cardigan, navy beret, and gold pocketwatch

Navy beret

This wide-brimmed wool hat was a gift of thrift from Cindy – originally for an Audrey Hepburn costume, but I think I could be a chic witch.  What do you think?


Wide-brimmed wool hat

Do you rock a fashionable hat in the cold weather?

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6 Responses to “Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, Trend Eleven: Hats!”
  1. I have several hats, but unfortunately, I don’t wear them. I don’t think they do anything for me and I stick to a boring ole baseball cap when I am in the sun – despite the several sunhats I have sitting in the closet. I do have one hat in particular that I am gonna get out for this winter. It was a sale find a few seasons back and I just love it! It is perfect for keeping warm and I don’t think it looks that bad on me. Love, love the first vintage hat of yours, and they look great on you. 🙂

    • natfee says:

      Thank you so much! I worry that hats don’t do much for me either, but I still love them. That first vintage hat is my new favorite. I do need to get some hats that will keep me warm (these are more for fashion’s sake than fending off the winter weather!)

  2. kathleenlisson says:

    Always wear a hat! I live in my beret these days.

  3. E. says:

    Love the wide-brimmed wool hat. I don’t wear hats very well – wish I could!

    • natfee says:

      Thanks, E.! I worry that hats don’t look very good on me either, but I still like them. Maybe you will find a hat that you love too! Thanks for commenting!

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