Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter is on its way!  Like it or not, the colder weather demands some wardrobe changes.  But all those pricey sweaters, coats, and boots can leave you feeling left out in the cold.  Not to worry:  we’ll show you how to shop for great winter staples at low thrift store prices. The Basics If you … Continue reading

How to Thrift with Gratitude

For me, thrifting is more than just buying cute clothes at an unbeatable price.  It’s even more than the thrill of an awesome thrift score (although that’s a huge reason I do it!)  Thrifting is part of a lifestyle – a lifestyle made up of choices to save money and find value in something that … Continue reading

Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is upon us – time for turkey, pumpkin pie, football, and hours spent with family.  If you’re hosting a dinner this year, we have a few tips to help you get ready for Turkey Day with items from thrift stores.  Huge thanks to our co-blogger Lindsey for some great DIY décor tips in this … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Updates from Destination Thrift!

We’re worried that you might not be getting all of the great thrifty content we’ve been working so hard to bring to you.  Some changes in Facebook-land are cramping our style, but we have other ways to connect with you. Bonus Content We frequently post “bonus” content on our social networks – we like to … Continue reading