12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Coupon clipper or extreme couponer

thrifty-gift-coupon-clipper-extreme-couponerIf your friend is always snatching up great deals and stockpiling like the couponing pros, consider this thoughtful thrifty gift to help that couponing talent shine.


Thrift a shopping bag – a good sturdy one.  If it’s a blank canvas, personalize it with a cool design or their name / monogram.


This Marc Jacobs Fragrances bag would make a nice shopping bag for a couponer.

Give a stash of primo coupons from the Sunday paper or ones you scouted online.  Check out these sites for printable coupons:

If they are an aspiring couponer, thrift a nice binder for organizing coups.  You can go the extra mile by picking up some clear photo protector sheets in an office supply store – they are great for sorting those slippery pieces of paper.


This floral binder (originally from Target) was only 50 cents at Goodwill!

A decent pair of scissors is pretty cheap at any big box store.  Heavy duty ones, like the Rubbermaid pair pictured below, are great for cutting coupons out of cardboard (like those gems hidden inside of boxes.)


Heavy duty Rubbermaid scissors will tackle even the toughest coupons.


If you go the shopping bag route, it doubles as a wrapping.  Glue together expired coupons for a cool DIY collaged wrapping paper or tissue paper to stuff inside the shopping bag.

More Ideas

What is the gift of thrift?  The gift of thrift means buying things from a secondhand source (usually a thrift store) in order to give them to a friend or family member.  You’ll save so much money that you can buy extra presents for everyone!

Gift 1 – Fashionista

Gift 2 – Avid Cook

Gift 3 – Coupon clipper or extreme couponer (reading now)

Gift 4 – Spa

Gift 5 – Foodie

Gift 6 – Netflix junkie

Gift 7 – Music lover

Gift 8 – Coffee addict

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  1. Hello Destination Thrift! 🙂
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Fair warning – I hope you don’t panic like I did when you see it. It’s rather long. But feel free to accept or deny. No pressure.
    Anyway, here it is: http://littlebrowntomato.com/2013/03/01/liebster-award/
    In the end, I had fun participating in it. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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