12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Music Lover


For the friend who is attached at the hip to their iPod:  a musically-themed thrifty gift is sure to delight.


Thrift an original vinyl – if they don’t own a record player, they can use the LP for wall art.  For a challenge, try thrifting the entire progression of the band’s career.  Three or four duplicates of the same album would look visually striking on a wall as well.  Thrift a rock tee that would be great for wearing or repurposing.  For example, a tee shirt makes a great pillow sham.


I thrifted this Muse tee shirt at a church bag sale – it was less than $2.

Pick up a cheap iPod accessory, iTunes gift card, or set of spare earbuds to round out the gift.


Thrift some old sheet music and collage it together for a fun (and on theme!) DIY wrapping paper – bonus points if you can find all Christmas carols or holiday classics.

More Ideas

What is the gift of thrift?  The gift of thrift means buying things from a secondhand source (usually a thrift store) in order to give them to a friend or family member.  You’ll save so much money that you can buy extra presents for everyone!

Gift 1 – Fashionista

Gift 2 – Avid Cook

Gift 3 – Coupon clipper or extreme couponer

Gift 4 – Spa

Gift 5 – Foodie

Gift 6 – Netflix junkie

Gift 7 – Music lover (reading now)

Gift 8 – Coffee addict

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