12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Fitness / Sports Fanatic


Maybe you’ve got a friend who is super into sports, or can’t get enough of the gym.  Here are some ideas for a thoughtful, thrifty gift for that sports-loving fanatic.

WARNING:  only give this gift to a known fanatic – otherwise they might interpret it as “I think you’re fat.”

(For those friends who every other Facebook status is about how much they love training for a marathon or they are into CrossFit, NOT people who maybe mentioned once that they should exercise more.  Some people may think it’s in bad taste to ever get anyone something exercise-related, but I have friends that would truly appreciate something like this.  Use your best judgment – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! 🙂


Exercise DVDs can be a kick.


This bellydance DVD could be fun!


The REALLY good exercise routines are still on VHS (stay tuned for our upcoming series on old-school workout videos!) This Swayze Dancing VHS would be perfect for a die-hard Dirty Dancing fan.

Thrift weights or other accessories, but try not to load up on too much “detritus” that may never get used.


These NordicTrack ankle weights are great for my exercise routine – only $2 at a garage sale.

If they are a sports player, you can sometimes find sports equipment.  Golf clubs are a perennial thrift store find, as well as bowling balls in bags.  Pick up a cheap water bottle with a cool design at any box store, or personalize a plain one with their name or an iconic sport they like.

This is our Thrifty Halloween Costume for a golfer, but maybe you have a real-life golfer in mind!

If they’d rather watch sports than play, you can pick up their favorite sports team paraphernalia in thrift stores – especially if it is a regional favorite.  For example, I live in Cubs / Cards country, and there are always fan items for these teams in the thrifts around my hometown.  Try making a throw pillow out of an old shirt with their favorite sports team – or if you’re feeling more ambitious, a whole t-shirt quilt.

More Ideas

What is the gift of thrift?  The gift of thrift means buying things from a secondhand source (usually a thrift store) in order to give them to a friend or family member.  You’ll save so much money that you can buy extra presents for everyone!

Gift 1 – Fashionista

Gift 2 – Avid Cook

Gift 3 – Coupon clipper or extreme couponer

Gift 4 – Spa

Gift 5 – Foodie

Gift 6 – Netflix junkie

Gift 7 – Music lover

Gift 8 – Coffee addict

Gift 9 – Collectible collector

Gift 10 – Fitness / Sports Fanatic (reading now)

Gift 11 – Budding Artist

Gift 12 – Emerging Mixologist

What do you think?

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