12 Days of Thrifty Christmas: Emerging Mixologist


A mixologist is a person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks.  This is a great way to indulge that friend who secretly wishes they were a bartender:  give them all the tools they need to mix it up in their own home.


Maybe your mixologist friend needs help stocking their bar with glasses for various drinks.  Thrift a variety of glasses like tumblers, shot glasses, and martini glasses.  You can also usually find a metal shaker.

Margaritas, anyone?

Margaritas, anyone?

Recipes for unique or exotic drinks or bar towels are also a fun and easy gift addition.  For a challenge, search for thrifty bar kitsch.

Check out this vintage apron I scored at a bag sale for less than $2.


Liquore Galliano apron


This Liquore Galliano apron has several recipes for drinks printed directly on the fabric. Who’s up for a Galliano Stinger?

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this Natural Liver Therapy book - this would make a great gag gift.

I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this Natural Liver Therapy book – this would make a great gag gift.

Look in the cookbooks section for books on alcoholic drinks.

More Ideas

What is the gift of thrift?  The gift of thrift means buying things from a secondhand source (usually a thrift store) in order to give them to a friend or family member.  You’ll save so much money that you can buy extra presents for everyone!

Gift 1 – Fashionista

Gift 2 – Avid Cook

Gift 3 – Coupon clipper or extreme couponer

Gift 4 – Spa

Gift 5 – Foodie

Gift 6 – Netflix junkie

Gift 7 – Music lover

Gift 8 – Coffee addict

Gift 9 – Collectible collector

Gift 10 – Fitness / Sports Fanatic

Gift 11 – Budding Artist

Gift 12 – Emerging Mixologist (reading now)

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