NY Fashion Week: Day 1

Face it: not all of us are lucky enough to hop a plane and score a front row seat at the New York Fashion shows during Fashion Week.  (And honestly, not all of us are lucky enough to have the cash to drop on a really nice pair of boots, either.) Never fear, Destination Thrift is here! Starting today, you will have an up-close look at what’s going on in New York and how you can turn the runway styles into a bargain hunting wishlist.

So, what’s on the menu for Day Numero Uno? Well, as the lights are just warming up and the models are still slipping on their heels, many NY fashion show attendees have the Spring 2013 Couture shows fresh on their minds.  Here are a couple examples that stood out to us for spring trends.

#1: Alexis Mabille– “Bathed in pastels”

Courtesy of Style.com

Courtesy of Style.com

This season, expect your favorite stores to have multiple pastel-colored options to choose from.  Nearly the entire Spring 2013 Couture Alexis Mabille collection was some form of pastel, leading industry experts to declare it the “must have” of the season.  Thankfully, many fashion-savvy women may already have pastel pinks, sky-blues and mints left over from last fall, but it never hurts to add to your collection.  The next time you hit up a thrift store, try scouting out a pale colored jacket or flowing top as layers and loose-fitting clothing are among the trends.

Edior’s Pick: This pink skirt was purchased at a Plato’s Closet consignment shop for $10.


#2: Valentino — “Gothic inspiration”

Courtesy of Style.com

Courtesy of Style.com

The couture show runways definitely saw a lot of gothic-inspired outfits. The look was represented by black laces, sheer fabrics and creative, geometrical prints, like the above example. But how could this possibly fit in your spring wardrobe? Easy. If you’re a little shy, try wearing a black sheer top with blue skinny jeans and black pumps and go from there. Laces always soften up the heavy black look, so try searching for something with a lace overlay.

Editor’s pick: This nude dress with black lace overlay is a perfect example of the gothic trend. It’s girly and glam. The dress, purchased at JC Penney, was originally priced at $60. It was on sale for $25.

photo(2) photo(3)

Alright, fashionistas, time to get those thrift wishlists ready!

Question for the comments: Have you already started thinking about your spring wardrobe? What’s on your to-get list?

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