$25 Outfit Inspiration

$25 outfit win!

$25 outfit awesomeness!

What can you buy for $25? In this day in age, that’ll get you two movie tickets or a DVD or perhaps (if you’re lucky) a cute bag.  But I’m here to prove that you can look fabulous for $25 or LESS. Take the photo above, for example. I bought the tribal inspired dress at Charming Charlie’s for $15, leopard print necklace also at Charming Charlie’s for $7 and cropped vintage jacket for $3 at Salvation Army.

Have you recently purchased an outfit for $25 or less? Let us know about it in the comments! Bonus points if you send us pics. 😉

xx Katie Marie

3 Responses to “$25 Outfit Inspiration”
  1. i LOVE thrifting. i cant remember the last time i bought something somewhere other than a thrift shop. i was able to find a skirt, a shirt that i repurposed into a tank, a pair of boots and a denim jacket that i cut the sleeves off of to make it into a vest.and the earrings i made myself! it was a score. you can see the pics on my page here. http://sincerelywhitney.com/2013/02/15/thankful/
    thanks for sharing your outfit. its a hit!

  2. Just today I found some 100% Merino wool sweaters (they were getting rid of their winter clothes). Score 5 for $16! You’re right – it can be done.

  3. I just did! I found a shirt and a skirt for $7.00 total. I have a post up right now, with pics. 😉 http://rejoicefortheday.com/2013/03/07/the-thursday-thrift-recent-finds/
    Love this jacket!

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