How to Thrift an Emergency Car Kit

If you own a car, it’s a wise idea to carry along an emergency kit all year long – you never know where or when you might break down or need a few supplies.  But winter requires some special additions to your everyday emergency kit. It’s true that you can buy prepackaged car emergency kits … Continue reading

How to Thrift with Gratitude

For me, thrifting is more than just buying cute clothes at an unbeatable price.  It’s even more than the thrill of an awesome thrift score (although that’s a huge reason I do it!)  Thrifting is part of a lifestyle – a lifestyle made up of choices to save money and find value in something that … Continue reading

Weight Fluctuation: how to shop when your clothes no longer fit

Weight Fluctuation: How to Shop When Your Clothes No Longer Fit

Today I’d like to talk about a tough subject – weight loss & gain.  It’s a thorny subject for all of us, but it gets even thornier when you realize your clothes no longer fit.  Weight fluctuation, whether it’s weight gain or loss, can feel almost like a second puberty — your body is ever-changing, … Continue reading

Thoughts on Body Image & the Media

If this most recent Victoria’s Secret ad doesn’t call for some action, I don’t know what does. Apparently they have not learned any lessons from their long history of Photoshop Fails.  Here’s the latest offender: The image itself is absurdly, laughably bad – that’s the only good thing about this situation. I find it rather sad … Continue reading