Tips for Late Season Garage Sales

Garage sale season generally starts in May and continues throughout the summer.  I’ve noticed sales getting earlier and earlier – maybe due to the hot weather.  Sales peak in May and June, then peter off as people go away for vacation in July.  However, there are a couple of great times to look for neighborhood … Continue reading

Vintage Mystery #1: Sherbet navy pinstripe dress

I think one of the reasons vintage clothes are such a passion for many thrifters is because of the story. Whenever you find a piece, you can’t help but wonder about the original owner. There’s a connection between the past and the present when you discover a love for vintage, and that frequently manifests in … Continue reading

Guide to Types of Secondhand Shopping

“Thrifting” is a rather broad term we use here at Destination Thrift.  Generally, we mean purchasing goods from a secondhand source (though sometimes we use the word “thrifty” to denote savvy shopping methods that don’t necessarily involve secondhand.)  There are a few different types of secondhand sources.  Here’s the rundown: Thrift Stores This lovely beast … Continue reading

Six (6) Tips for Sellers to Improve Your Garage Sale (from an addicted shopper)

Having a garage sale can be a lot of work – all that sorting and hauling and displaying and haggling… Let’s face it, this summer pastime is a commitment!  As a long-time garage sale shopper, I came up with six tips to make sure people will shop your sale. Advertise smartly Team up. Use your … Continue reading

Eight (8) of the Most Popular Items Found at Garage Sales

If you are a newbie to garage sailing, you may not know what to expect.  Just what kind of things can you find at a yard sale?  Truthfully, you can find almost anything at a garage sale.  But for all the beginners, here’s a list of the eight most common items I’ve seen at neighborhood … Continue reading

Garage Sailing: 13 Tips for shopping neighborhood sales

It’s that time of year again, when all your neighbors drag their trash and treasures out from the dark corners of their attics and basements and closets and put it out on display.  After years of only seeing the exterior of their home, now you can get a revealing glimpse into their lives – if … Continue reading