Destination: Peoria, Illinois “Thrift Junket”

Today’s post will be a quickie.  My sister was in town on vacation when we — my mom, my sister, and — set out on the “thrift junket” of Peoria.  As you can see from the map on our Destinations page, there’s quite a little cluster of stores in the area.  Whenever you’re out thrifting for … Continue reading

20% of people shop in thrift stores!

According to this USA Today article, about 20% of people shop in thrift stores. Do you count yourself as one of the 20%?

Destination: Goodwill, Peoria, Illinois

My mother, sister, and I decided to check out the newest Goodwill store in town, which opened a couple weeks ago. Of course, the facility is just like any other Goodwill store but for some reason, the excitement of never knowing what you’ll find brought us running to the grand opening. At first, sifting through … Continue reading

Destination: Goodwill, East Peoria, IL

Sometimes, when the life of a news producer wears me down, I collect my purse, go on break, and drive down to the local Goodwill store in downtown East Peoria.  For those who are unfamiliar with the city, it is a booming metropolis, anchored by local manufacturing and agricultural corporations such as Caterpillar and ADM. … Continue reading